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Sharing a Smile with Seniors
Senior Companionship

Loving Care Services - We are looking for Loving and Caring caregivers



We're looking for caregivers like you. If you want to be part of our dedicated care team, then we'd love to hear from you.

From care welcome packs to a support team who understands your needs, working for Loving Care can be a great experience. Here's how we hire.

      1. Application

If we like your application online or once you complete at our office, we invite you into the Loving Care office and ask you to bring any relevant paperwork in to complete your packet.  Apply Now

 2. The Interview

When you arrive, we’ll get you to fill out a care test before an interview with one of the Agency Director. This is your chance to tell us more about you.

 3. Background Checks

After running background and reference checks, we then decide whether you’re right to work for Loving Care based on your work background and qualifications.

 4. Your Schedule

Once you join the Loving Care team, we’ll get a care schedule set up for you and match you to an individual who will benefit from your skills and experience.

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